Motivation in Running

Seasoned runners, casual runners, and even beginners experience some ‘off’ days when it comes to running. Maybe you’re just too tired, just too busy, or just don’t want to get out of the house at all.

Running requires dedication and unmatched discipline, especially if you’re running for a specific purpose such as losing weight or preparing for a marathon. However, sometimes, it’s just extremely hard to get out of bed to do your regular runs – no matter how important your reason is for running.

Here are some useful motivations to help you get up and start running whenever you don’t feel like it:

One effective motivator is to remember why you wanted to run in the first place, and envision yourself being able to finally achieve the goal. For instance, if you’re running to attain a sexier, fitter body, picture yourself having this body because of running. If you’re running in the hopes of completing a marathon, imagine having finished that marathon because of constant training and regular running.

One way to motivate yourself is to ask your friends or peers to run with you. Peer pressure can help you by feeling obligated to run so as not to disappoint some other people who’ve actually made time to run with you.

Another good motivator is to commit to a running event such as a marathon, half marathons, or even trail running events. Officially signing up for such running events requires money out of your own pocket and letting that money go to waste by not participating or not being able to complete it is an excellent motivator to go out and run.

If you feel too tired to run and just want to escape the inevitable body pains that follow running, remember that you don’t even have to run fast and run hard, you just have to run. You can run at a slower, more relaxed pace.

Buying new running gear is also a helpful way to have the motivation to run. When you have a new running outfit just like a new pair of running shoes, you can’t help but give it a try.

One common reason why some runners lose the motivation to run is boredom. If you don’t want to run because it feels boring to you, you should try some new routes so you can explore new sights and new places.

Rewarding yourself after running is another great way to get some motivation in your system. Knowing that you’ll get something if you complete your running session can motivate you to run.

Though these tips are useful to help you find that running motivation, you should know the difference between not wanting to run from not being able to run. If you feel sick, or are suffering from an injury, you might want to re-schedule your running for another time and get some rest.

Keep in mind that not being in the mood to run is just in your mind. It’s simply a matter of convincing yourself to get up and achieve your goal in running.

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